Here you will find all the latest news from The Powerline Advisory Group.

Partnered with NFU ENergy
The Powerline Advisory Group is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with NFU Energy. This collaboration is a significant milestone for us, and we are excited to work with NFU Energy to extend our commitment to rural landowners.
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We are excited to announce the launch of our new sister company, Land Utilities Advisory Group. Land Utilities is a specialised consulting firm that provides expert advice and guidance on land use and utility infrastructure projects.
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Have you received a letter from someone regarding claiming compensation for electricity lines? Read more to find out how we can help.
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The New website
We take a look at The Powerline Advisory Group's refreshed website
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The Guardian - Do Wires Like These Drive You Up The Wall
The Guardian newspaper article is still relevant today. Check it out
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What exactly is the compensated for?
We look back on the history and reasons why you can claim compensation for electrical apparatus on your property
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Living near power lines and pylons – Health Risks
A common question is whether electricity lines cause any health risks. We explore the issue further.
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5 Reasons to make your powerline or pylon compensation claim in 2017
Why is now a great time to claim?
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Low voltage powerlines & wooden pole lines
Can you claim form low voltage lines or high voltage wooden pole lines?
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Landlords, Housing Associations & Developers Also Welcome
You do not necessarily have to occupy your property to have a successful claim
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Why time is of the essence when claiming?
We look into the reasons why it is better to claim sooner rather than later.
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Pylon compensation vs Power line compensation
You may have seen or heard of these terms however what do they mean?
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Mortgage companies, power line compensation and property values
Does having a mortgage affect claiming compensation? Find out more here
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Powerlines were there when buying the property
Where the powerlines were in place when you purchased your property you probably can still claim. We discuss the possibilities here
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Powerline compensation for 'swing' or 'sag'
We explore the reasoning why electricity companies pay compensation for overhead lines the can 'swing' or 'sag' over private property
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Removing electricity lines
Is it possible to have the electricity power lines removed from your property if I do not claim compensation? Find out here
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Powerline Compensation - The affect of claiming
What is the affect of claiming compensation for overhead powerlines? Find out here
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Why claim compensation?
Why should I claim compensation for the electricity lines? We explore why claiming compensation could be in your interest.
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Wayleaves and easements
Whats the difference between a wayleave and easement? Read more to find out
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the compensation process
What is the process of for overhead powerline compensation claims? Find out more here.
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Settlement timeframes
How long does it take to settle a claim? Find out more here.
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Overhead Powerline Compensation
The presence of overhead powerlines can devalue your property.
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