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Do wires like these drive you up the pole? If they cross your home or property you can claim thousands of pounds from your electricity supplier

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First Class Customer experience

We aim for first class professional client service in everything we do.

We have a great reputation and we plan to keep it that way. Word of mouth recommendations are responsible for a large portion of our business and the majority of our clients go on to recommend us to their neighbours. We truly believe that the way we treat our clients speaks louder than any advertisements we could issue and for this reason we put client service at the top of our priority list. To ensure that we deliver first class service, we aim to:


It is our aim to respond to all enquires with 24hrs.  We will provide free no obligation advice to any enquirer and offer a clear explination of the claim process in as much (or as little) detail you desire.  We will keep you updated on the progress of your claim using the method of communication you desire. 


What our clients say

We aim for first class professional client service in everything we do.

We have a great reputation and we plan to keep it that way.



As a company, The Powerline Advisory Group have advised clients in every region of the UK from Wales to England to Scotland to Northern Ireland. 

Accepting Claims for ALL VOLTAGES

We have experience in settling claims for all voltages.  If you are ensure what type of equipment you have you can check here or contact us and we will investigate for you

Termed Wayleaves & Easements

We are experrienced in agreeing terms for wayleaves & easement and can advise you exatcly what you are agreeing to.

Residential, commercial, social and development claims

The Powerline Advisory Group have settled wide varied range of claim type and therefore have the necessary experience to achieve a satisfactory settlement

Dealing with every major uk network operator

We have dealt with every major UK network operator in respect of residential, commercial, agricultural and even social housing property. We know we have the experience and resources to handle your enquiry – whatever the nature of it

Real Settlements Example

Maximising the compensation for our clients



Settled – 6 Bed Detached House in Buckinghamshire.



Settled – 3 Bed Semi-Detached House in Wales.



Settled – Rural Cottage and Grounds in Portsmouth.



Settled – 4 Bed Terraced House in the West Midlands



Settled – 4 Bed Linked Semi-Detached House in Hertfordshire.



Settled – 5 Bed Detached House in Wiltshire.


value for money

We are driven by value and fairness, not greed. We do not spend huge amounts on canvassing by mail and rely on our good reputation and internet presence to attract new business. This allows us to keep our fee low.

Lower commissions rates than our main competitors

The amount of commission that you pay can have a huge affect on the amount of compensation that you actually receive. The Powerline Advisor Group can often offer comission rates less than the 24% (incl VAT) charged by our main competitors. Contact us today to find out the best rates we can offer.

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