Frequently Asked Questions

1.The power lines were there when the property was purchased, can i still claim?

Yes! The majority of homeowners that have made successful electricity power line compensation claims purchased their property with the equipment already in there. When it comes payments for electricity cables under property, many are not even aware that they are crossing their boundary resulting in them being entitled to a wayleave payment

2. what is the payment for?

Electricity network operators require appropriate rights to have their equipment (overhead and underground) on private land. Rights are usually secured through either a Wayleave Agreement (personal contract between the network operator and the owner) or a Deed of Easement (a right registered against the title deeds of your property). Over time many of these rights have not been kept up to date meaning the equipment is on the land without a formal right. The network operators will, therefore, pay reasonable lump-sum payments to secure sufficient rights

3. What does it cost me? 

At The Powerline Advisory Group, we like to keep our prices low and our standard charge is 18% inclusive of VAT, which is lower than all of our main competitors. We only charge if successful and there are no up-front costs to pay. Please contact us to ask about any current offers that we have on

4. how much will i receive? 

The amount you are likely to receive depends upon the type of equipment and the estimated impact on the property value. Permanent easements associated with Pylons electricity lines and High Voltage Wooden Pole lines typically result in settlements of £1,000 - £20,000 (sometimes more). Low Voltage electricity lines claims typically range from £100 - £1,000 depending on the amount of equipment you have on your property.

3. Why Should I appoint
the powerline advisory group

The Powerline Advisory Group pride ourselves on providing a great client experience and believe this can be achieved by focusing on 3 key aspects. 1. Service - We aim to provide a first-class professional service. 2. Ability - We are both experienced and capable of settling all powerline claims types. 3. Value - We are cheaper than our main competitors meaning you keep more of the money. Click here to find out more

5. How long does the Electricity line compensation process take? 

The duration of the claim varies depending on the type of claim. For wayleave claims 6-12 months from instruction to completion is typical.  Easement claims usually take between 12-24 months however these time scales can be affected by factors outside of our control such as network operators budgetary constraints or backlogs due to high volumes of claims. Contact us now for a more accurate estimation. 

6. what happens if we sell our house during the claim? 

It is only the property owner who can claim compensation for the power lines therefore if you sell your property before the completion of the claim the option to claim compensation will be offered to the new owners and your claim is canceled without charge. It may be possible to expedite your claim before you sell the property, therefore, please contact us at this earliest opportunity to discuss how we can assist.

7. what if i already receive a monthly/annual payment?

It is likely that the payment you are currently receiving may not reflect the impact of the equipment on your property. It is therefore probable that we can secure a lump sum payment for you.

8. which electricity companies pay compensation for power lines?

Every major DNO in the UK is settling wayleave and/or easement compensation claims for residential properties. These include SSE, Western Power Distribution, UK Power Networks, Northern Power Grid, Electricity North West and Scottish Power