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Blog - The Compensation Process


🚨2020 UPDATE🚨 - Please click here for up to date information on each claim type

Once you have instructed us to deal with your claim, we will survey your property and submit your claim to the electricity company concerned on your behalf. The electricity company will then instruct their surveyor to value your property and the claim and the negotiations will begin after this. 

Once an amount of compensation is agreed between all of the parties, the electricity company instruct their solicitor to issue the legal document called a ‘deed of grant’ which both parties will sign. On completion, the power line compensation money is paid to you and we close our file! It's usually that simple, but take a look at our information on timescales if you want to know how long overhead power line compensation claims usually take.

Let us check whether your property is eligible free of charge and without obligation.

September 18th, 2012

The Powerline Advisory Group

Specialists in Powerline Compensation

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