Thousands of property owners are being paid for electricity equipment on their property

Thousands in the UK have already Received Their Payment

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Only 15% + VAT

That's only 18% incl. VAT.

Less than our main competitors standard rates of 20% + VAT (24% incl.)

Do Not Miss Out

Most Payouts ranging from £100 - £25,000

What We Do

✓ High Voltage Deed of Easements
✓ High Voltage Wayleave Agreements
✓ Low Voltage Wayleave Agreements

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Did you know that the electricity regulator set out budgets for network operators to pay affected homeowners to keep their equipment installed on private property?

At The Powerline Advisory Group we act for homeowners to ensure that they are receiving the correct amount that they are eligible for


Our Services

Underground electicity Lines

Underground Lines

The majority of homeowners are unaware that their property is affected by underground electricity lines, however, if you have received a letter from us or another firm informing you that your property is affected, then there is a very high chance that you are entitled to a payment. 

We can obtain this payment for you and offer a cheaper rate than our competitors so why pay more than you need to? It is all no-win, no-fee so you only pay if successful. Instruct us today, risk-free

Overhead Low voltage Equipment

Overhead LV

If you have low voltage equipment on or over your house or garden and have not obtained a lump sum payment from the electricity network, it is highly likely that you are entitled to one. If you are currently receiving an annual payment, we should be able to obtain a higher settlement. We can obtain this payment for you and offer a cheaper rate than our competitors so why pay more than you need to? It is all no-win, no-fee so you only pay if successful. Instruct us today, risk-free

High voltage Equipment

Overhead HV

Where your property is affected by high voltage equipment you may be entitled thousands of pounds in compensation. Network Operators pay compensation based upon the impact that the equipment may have of on the value of your property. We have considerable experience in negotiating these agreements on behalf of property owners and with our standard rate lower than all of our main competitors, you keep more of the money awarded. It is all no-win, no-fee so you only pay if successful. Instruct us today - it costs nothing to find out if you can claim. 


What our clients say

We aim for first class professional client service in everything we do.

We have a great reputation and we plan to keep it that way.

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Do wires like these drive you up the pole? If they cross your home or property you can claim thousands of pounds from your electricity supplier

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To avoid delay, begin the process by clicking the Online form option below and complete our online 'Authority to Act' form. We will get back to you within one working day.

Alternatively, you can complete our 'Free Eligibility Check' form and we will contact you to notify whether we will feel that you will qualify for a payment


Agreeing claims with all of the major District Network Operators

Have you received a letter about electricity lines affecting your property?

If you have received a letter informing you that you are entitled to a payment due to electrical equipment affecting your property, these are not a scam. If you have electrical equipment on, over or under your property and it is not there for your own supply, the network operator is required to secure the rights to be there and owners are entitled to a wayleave payment. With many homeowners unaware that they are entitled to this payment, and some unaware aware that the equipment is there, we act on behalf of property owners to obtain the payment for them. Not only do we take all of the strain out of the process for you, but we also offer one of the most competitive standard rates in the market at 15% + VAT meaning you keep more of the money for yourself. If your claim is unsuccessful, you do not pay a penny and if you are unsure if you qualify, no problem, we can check this for you too. Click below to begin today.

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